This is the story of Division 17 and those that were affected by it.
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 Basic Power-Sets

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Human: You remain as you once were. With none of the positives or negatives granted to those who were used by the Division, you rely on knowledge, training, and adaptability to win the day. More than likely, you already know what there is to know about this class, so let me just add that, under proper circumstances, you may convert to an Experiment, if you so desire.

Brute: By far the most direct of the Division's efforts, as a Brute you have access to a vast store of physical strength, with one important drawback: Despite their efforts, the scientists working in this lab were only able to minorly enhance the endurance of your body. While you can use your boosted strength and speed freely, you must also use discretion, or else you may push your system beyond its limits, inflicting terrible damage on yourself.

Hybrid: Likely the least subtle experiment on this list, Hybrids are just what they seem; Humans who've had their genetic code altered to be more receptive to grafting of various animals. One of the unforeseen side-effects of this process is the slow conversion that the body undergoes as cells recycle that took the experiment from simple grafting to full mutation. Having taken note of this, the division did some tinkering, and found a way to enhance the reproduction cycle of a hybrids cellular structure. As a Hybrid, your abilities are determined by what you've been fused with, generally restricted to physical capabilities. However, because of the enhanced cell-cycling that Hybrids are equipped with, all Hybrids have a high-speed healing cycle and a greater life span, though this is usually offset by the shorter lives they are given by their animal portion.

Assassin: Like the Brute, the Assassin has been gifted with enhanced strength, however, this is to a much more reasonable extent. More prominently, they have a higher structural density than even the Brute does, giving them an insane level of endurance, and a large portion of their enhancement was focused on speed, both physically to allow them to cover great distance, and mentally to allow them to process precisely what they are doing as it happens. As an Assassin, you have speed and agility far beyond the capabilities of even the most disciplined humans. Acrobatics and accuracy become your trump-card, and your enhanced endurance allows you to take hits and fall from great heights and keep moving with minimal damage.

Torch: One of the more specialized research projects within the Division, Torches can convert their bodily structure into extremely low-density plasma and propel it at insane speeds. When you get right down to the meat of the issue, teleportation is the name of the game. In addition, by using this process at higher density, the Torch can generate flames at will, or create a destructive wave that easily tears through all but the most heat-resistant of substances. As a Torch, All of these abilities and more are at your disposal, but be careful not to over-use them, as the use of anything but teleportation will most likely draw directly from the matter within your body. Use too much, and deterioration is inevitable.

Naturopath: In the barren wasteland that the world has become, irony is the curse of the Naturopath. Granted the ability to stimulate and direct growth, even common grass is a lethal weapon in the hands of this experiment. Finding this potent ammunition, however, is something of a dillema. As a Naturopath, creativity is your greatest ally. Carefully consider the implications of your abilities, and exploit them.

Metalurge: The Metalurge finds paradise where the Naturopath sees nothing. With the ability to shape and manipulate rock and metal, the planet itself is his fuel. Between weapons, armor, and mechanisms, the metalurge makes its way through the world by shifting the world to fit its needs. As a Metalurge, you make a perfect, almost literal, tank. Groups of enemies mean very little to you, but beware the lone soldier. An intelligent opponent can easily find the chinks in your defense, and will gleefully exploit them.

Channeler: The Channeler has a secondary network of nuerons running through the surface of its skin, with a centralized core cradled within its abdomen that stores massive amounts of energy. This central capacitor, as well as the entire secondary nueral system, is shielded to prevent elecricity from leaking into the standard neural network, which would result in a nueral overload, burning out every standard nerve and destroying the brain. As a Channeler, you have the ability to transfer massive amounts of electricity by touch. This can be used in close range combat to eleminate enemies, both natural and mechanical, and in long range combat by releasing energy and hoping that your target happens to be where the energy arcs to. Remember that the core only stores energy, rather than producing it. To recharge, you'll need to find another power source and sap it, as if fueling a car. Without sufficient charge, your power is utterly useless.

Wraith: Through an as-of-yet undisclosed process, Wraiths have been granted a form of telekinesis, and the ability to phase through objects. The more powerful the Wraith, the more weight they can lift without straining themselves. A Wraith who goes above their weight-limit will suffer mental duress, which manifests as some form of psychosis. As a Wraith, you can manipulate objects from a distance, move obstacles, and fling projectiles. The number of simultaneous actions is dependent on your mental prowess. A person of average intelligence should be able to manipulate two separate objects moving in different directions and patterns without strain. If the objects are being moved in the same way, double the limit. You can freely pass through objects by manipulating your own matter, passing it through the molecular structure of the target.

Shade: Shades excel in exactly one thing. That one thing is stealth. Shades have the ability to manipulate the refraction level of their cells, rendering themselves invisible. A creative Shade may also turn themselves into a perfect mirror, or, just for fun, tint their skin any color of the spectrum. As a Shade, keep careful track of your surroundings. One misplaced step can ruin your stealth. They may not be able to see you, but they can still hear and feel you, and their blades and guns will still rend your flesh like anyone elses.

Necrotic: One of the most morally questionable experiments on the roster, The Necrotic is as it sounds; A walking corpse. Their intellectual faculty may be more or less intact, depending on their time spent dead, but all Necrotics have the same list of physical strengths. As a Necrotic, you can feel no pain. Because your body doesn't register these limitations, your strength is significantly higher than that of the average human, at the cost of doing constant damage to yourself. Luckily, you also have an enhanced healing factor, and a rather intense advantage, in that you can't die. If a portion of your body is seperated from the rest, it won't be able to heal, but as soon as it is reintroduced, it will begin the process of integrating back into your system. Unfortunately, this means that severe injuries may remain as gaping wounds for the rest of your life, which, for you, is as long as a significant portion of your brain remains intact.

Changeling: Like the shade, the changeling is also a master of stealth, but with somewhat more adaptability. The changeling can shift into any form consistent with the law of conservation of mass, meaning that the amount of mass within their body must remain the same. As a changeling, you are once again limited primarily by imagination, with one caveat. You must remember that shifting to a size smaller than your own will result in extreme density, and shifting to a size larger will render you light and easily damaged. If you know what you're doing, you can find a way to offset this limitation.

Splicer: By manipulating the molecular structure of itself and the objects it comes into contact with, the Splicer can fuse other objects into itself, making them a functioning part of its body. They have to be careful how they use this power, but as a Splicer, you have one of the more exploitable abilities in this list.

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Basic Power-Sets
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