This is the story of Division 17 and those that were affected by it.
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 Advanced Power-Sets

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The following powers may be used at Admin discretion only.

Stored in the restricted sectors of the D17 labs known as the Fifth District were more questionable and dangerous experiments, designed specifically for the purpose of supporting soldiers, and intended to be used as tools, rather than living beings.

Messiah: The messiah is one of the most powerul, but most limited, power-sets. The Messiah can stimulate cell regeneration in others, and, more importantly, can revert the regenerating cells back to their proper form. Essentially, this can be used to not only repair severe injury, but also revert mental illness back to a healthy level. The one weakness that the Messiah must endure is that any injury they repair on another, will be transfered to them, and then go through its entire healing cycle almost immediately, compressing all of the agony of the injury's lifetime into a single excruciating moment. As a Messiah, remember that you can heal even fatal injuries, but be careful not to overdo it. Every body has its limits, and if you take on too many injuries at once, the healing process will slow, which, with some injuries, can spell death. Because of the nature of the Necrotic, the power of the Messiah can not only regrow lost portions of the body, but bring them back from a previously irreversible death. However, these injuries would have otherwise been permanent, meaning that the same injuries taken onto the Messiah will have to be healed in standard time, without the aid of the enhanced healing cycle.

Mage: Injected with nano-technology, the Mage has the ability to manipulate matter on a basic level, rearranging atoms into whatever format they see fit. Basic-power mages will often have a single medium that they work with, such as water, fire, or stone, and use a personal object as a focusing device, keeping their attention on the object to clear their head and avoid sending a cloud of mixed signals to their nanite army. As a Mage becomes more powerful, they may expand their domain to include a wider range of possible targets, or they may continue to focus on a single subject and focus on increasing their power capacity, allowing them to manipulate huge amounts of matter at once. As a Mage, you must think about how you would like to develop your abilities to take maximum advantage of your potential. The more raw will-power you have, the more you will be able to manipulate, and at a faster pace.

Chaos Agent: Easily the most powerful class on the roster, the Chaos Agent has exactly one power; The ability to generate masses of pure negative energy, eradicating anything they come in contact with. When initially created, the mass is surrounded by a mid-range matter that prevents it from reacting with the world around it. When the field comes in contact with normal matter, the shield ruptures, and all surrounding material is eliminated in a burst of pure energy.

Puppeteer: Designed as the ultimate weapon of subterfuge, the Puppeteer was kept deep within District Five, and never allowed human contact. Very few of these specimen were ever developed, and those that were created were stricken from all records even before the collapse of the nation. By planting a parasite within a living host, the Puppeteer takes control of the nervous system, using them as a though they were a toy. Surrounded by meat-shields, the Puppeteer is one of the most treacherous. Many will never show themselves to the world, prefering to speak and interact through their unfortunate victims.
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Advanced Power-Sets
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